Cross Talk Show – Roaring Good Times 15 相声专场《哄堂15》

YPPAE Proudly Presents: Cross Talk Show – Roaring Good Times 15!

Returning on its 15th year, YPPAE presents Roaring Good Times, a crosstalk show by young local talented performers, who give the traditional artform a local spin. Trendy subjects are discussed and given air space for reflection through humour.

Suitable for young and old. Come and get your laughter fix as our young talents bring you heart-warming, thought-provoking performances that will speak to all ages.




Performance Details 演出详情

Date 日期:28th July 2022 – 30 July 2022

Time 时间:28th July 2022 (3:30pm), 29th & 30th July 2022 (8:00pm)

Venue 地点:Drama Centre Theatre, NLB Level 3 戏剧中心剧场

Hear what Roaring Good Times mean to our Artistic Director, Show Anchors and our Newest Additions!

《哄堂》的意义是什么?听听艺术总监、哄堂老大、老二 和 新加入的哄堂相声演员怎么说!

艺术总监、《哄堂》创作者: 马业仙 –
《哄堂》老大相声演员及相声创造者: 刘智彬
《哄堂》相声演员及相声创造者: 蓝云舟