Children’s Cross Talk Show – Clash of The Five Senses 儿童相声专场《五官争功》

YPPAE Proudly Presents: Children’s Cross Talk Show – Clash of The Five Senses! 青少儿广播演艺组呈献:儿童相声专场《五官争功》!

Presented by talented young performers, the Clash of the Five Senses is a children’s cross talk production that combines a variety of Chinese traditional performing arts such as cross talks, tongue twisters and allegro. Come and get your doses of laughter as our young talents bring you heart-lifting and amusing performances that will enchant all ages.  


Performance Details 演出详情

Date 日期:1st April 2022 – 2nd April 2022 (LIVE) / 3rd April 2022 – 20th April 2022 (Video On Demand)

Time 时间:1st April 2022 (8:00pm), 2nd April 2022 (3:30pm & 8:00pm)

Venue 地点:Drama Centre Theatre, NLB Level 3 戏剧中心剧场

About the Young Performers 关于本组的少年演员

Youth Performer – Shi Chen Xi 少年演员 – 时晨曦

Youth Performer – Chan Jia Le 少年演员 – 陈嘉乐

Youth Performer – Chen Xi Kai 少年演员 – 陈曦凯

Youth Performer – Shi Rui En 少年演员 – 石睿恩