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YPPAE artistes not only take up performing responsibilities but also social responsibilities as a member of the organization. YPPAE artistes are encouraged to develop critical thinking capabilities and take up leadership positions.

YPPAE artistes typically gain entry into the performing ensemble during their lower primary years (ie. 7-9 years old), but their young age does not bar them from fulfilling responsibilities. Besides performing in YPPAE’s biannual productions and external performances, they are also required to perform duties as crew during the Ding Dong Stage event – where they give back to the stage which first groomed them – and as helpers during the Magical Holiday Camps (MHC).

They will have to first learn to complete given responsibilities, before gradually moving on to guiding their juniors and imparting their skills and knowledge.  

These young members then move on to take on greater roles as teaching assistants at the MHC, and/or organizers for the annual Performing Artistes’ camp; some take on backstage duties for YPPAE’s productions.

After learning the ropes from more senior artistes, YPPAE artistes helm MHCs as camp directors, otherwise contributing as full-fledged teaching staff. Those who reach this stage also take on concurrent responsibilities as VOC teachers, in the fullest display of giving back to the community, or sit on the production team, putting YPPAE’s biannual productions in place.

Through these modernist approaches to culture, history and philosophy, YPPAE artistes are well-equipped not only to make their presence felt onstage but in the world as well.

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